Access and Academic Affairs

Hi, I’m Flo, a 4th year mathematician, and the JCR Access and Academic Affairs Officer, which means I represent the academic interests of the JCR as well as coordinating our involvement in college access schemes.

Current Students

I’m here to care for your academic wellbeing and ensure we all make the most out of our time here. Feel free to get in contact if you have any academic concerns or if you just want a chat! I can also keep you informed about upcoming careers events and all the exciting access events we have going on throughout the year. If you want to get involved in promoting our lovely college to prospective applicants drop me an email!

Prospective Sudents

If you’re thinking of applying to Lincoln then please visit the Lincoln College website or alternatively have a look at our Alternative Prospectus. Being a small and friendly college, Lincoln has a real sense of community and we’d love to welcome you for a visit!

Email me here

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