Lincoln may be a small college, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in enthusiasm. College sport is great fun and a great way to make friends across years too. Anybody can get involved at whatever level,  it’s all about enjoying yourself with friends!The Lincoln sports ground is affectionately known as Barties, and all sports teams are grateful for any support people are willing to give them. You can find directions to the sports ground via the link below:
If you want to get involved with university teams, either talk to the captains here, or visit the Oxford Sport page: you have any sporting queries, don’t hesitate to contact our Sports Rep or the relevant captain, and check out the calender for a summary of the results and upcoming fixtures of all our Lincoln sports teams.

Sports Rep – Alex Biggs

Men’s Football 1st Team – Alec Gower
Men’s Football 2nd Team – James Restall
Women’s Football – Miriam Carter-Fraser

Rowing – Website

Men’s Rugby – Henry de Berker

Women’s Rugby – Henry de Berker (Thursdays and Saturdays)

Cricket – Apurv Sehgal

Croquet – William Fletcher

Hockey – Arthur Wakely

Men’s Squash – Guy Giuffredi

Women’s Squash – Adam Rachlin

Mixed Lacrosse – Oliver Roberts

Mixed Rounders – Oliver Roberts

Athletics – Fraser Scott

Darts – Simon Faulkner

Pool – Mishal Patel

Table Tennis – Phil Hartley

Ultimate Frisbee – Helena Mcmeekin

Netball – Nathalie Hakim

Men’s Tennis – Matthew Heal-Cohen

Women’s Tennis – Emma Butler

Swimming and Water Polo – Jamie Mac

Cycling and Triathlon – Ed Heywood-Lonsdale

Table Football – Jack Robinson


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