Hello and welcome to the Environment section of the JCR Website! This section aims to provide you with some key information on environmental practice at Lincoln, in case you are absolutely bursting with excitement at the thought of recycling….
Environmental successes at Lincoln so far…
1. Termly sustainability committee set up by MCR and JCR Reps, with representation from the Steward, the Senior Dean, and several fellows who are all keen to improve Lincoln’s environmental record
2. Environment Task Team set up for MCR and JCR members to take an active role in promoting sustainable behaviour.
3. Water Hippos – water hippos have been installed in 40-50% of Lincoln toilets to save litres and litres of water. Aim to have 70-75% by the end of the year.
4. Flow reducers installed in 25-30% of Lincoln showers. Aim to have 80% installed by end of year.
5. 70-75% of all light bulbs in college are energy-saving bulbs
6. All printers automatically print on both sides, thereby saving paper
7. Energy use and carbon-emission data monitored on each of Lincoln’s sites.
8. Time delay switches installed in Bear Lane and EPA. Aim to have them installed across all college sites within two years.
9. Insulation installed comprehensively to current building regulations.
Watch this space for more achievements and successes in Lincoln’s green practices…

What can I recycle? Where can it be recycled?
At Lincoln, provision is made for the recycling of:
Paper – JCR, Lincoln Garage (under Lincoln House), JCR Computer Room (Lincoln House), Mitre laundry room, Library, student kitchens.
Glass – Grove Quad, Lincoln Garage, Student kitchens
Food tins/cans – Lincoln Garage, Lincoln JCR, student kitchens
Batteries –
Environment Tips:
It is so important that every person contributes to maintaining a good environmental record at Lincoln – here are a few tips to get you started….
1. Turn your lights/heating/monitors off when you leave your room – and don’t leave your heating on overnight! With an extra blanket, you won’t notice a thing while you’re asleep
2. Make the effort to recycle – most of us do it at home, so there’s no reason to forget at uni!
3. Buy a bag-for-life You can buy a fantastic JCR fabric bag for a bargain of £2 – all the money goes to the Lincoln charity VacProj.
4. Print double-sided and where possible, fit two pages per each side of A4.
5. Try and avoid buying too much bottled water – tap water tastes just the same, and with a funky sports bottle, so much plastic can be saved.
6. When doing laundry, try and use a full load, and wash clothes at 30 degrees – they will come out clean, I promise!
These are a few tips to get started – remember, ‘re-use, reduce, recycle’ – it’s so easy! Watch out for the Environment notices and JCR Environment board with more tips to help you be environmentally friendly in and around college.
Any questions, please email joseph.mason@lincoln.ox.ac.uk


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